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Consistent Frozen Solutions is a supplier of frozen beef forequarter in the Philippines. Beef forequarters are the prime cuts located in the frontal part of a cow’s section. A beef carcass is divided into 2 (through dissection on the 12th or 13th rib sections), once it is divided via the backbone to produce two ‘sides’. There are many types of cuts available when the forequarter part comes to mind:

  • The ribs, which consists of the short ribs, rib eye steaks, and prime rib cuts
  • Beef briskets, used for barbecues, pastrami, or processed as corned beef
  • The chucks, which are sources of bone-in chuck steaks and blade or arm roasts. They are also the common source of boneless cold steaks. Bone chuck trimmings are often ground, which is then used for hamburgers
  • The foreshanks, which is used for soups and stews, and is often only served this way since they are considered as one of the toughest cuts of a cow
  • The beef plates, which are the source for pot roasts, and skirt steaks from the plates are used for dishes like fajitas. The remaining parts are usually ground since they are tough, fatty parts of meat

As stated above, since beef forequarters are separated into different parts of the beef, this meat part is usually bought by restaurants to accommodate many types of dishes they have. Steaks are good examples, since the chuck section provide many types of steaks and cold steaks, and the remaining part can be ground for usage in other types of beef dishes (such as hamburgers or pure beef meatballs). Forequarter cuts provide both choice and prime cuts, which differ in quality. Consistent Frozen Solutions provides top quality beef forequarters, and can be bought in bulk. Check with us for available supplies, as we deliver fast and easy. If your looking for ground beef supplier, you may also check on this link.

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