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Consistent Frozen Solutions is a supplier of frozen chicken fillet on (so) in the Philippines. Chicken fillets have been becoming a fast choice for a lot of Filipino consumers. Due to the meaty partitions that each fillet has, it is used for a wider range of dishes at home or on restaurants.

Chicken leg fillet SO is a chicken leg with bones removed, and just like the name suggests, the skin is left on intact. This is done so people can enjoy thoroughly eating the chicken without the hassle of getting the meat off the bones. As mentioned earlier, this chicken cut is used for a variety of dishes, and is prepared differently. A lot of people use chicken leg fillet SO as the main ingredient for chicken teriyaki, a Japanese dish that can be prepared easily. Some restaurant owners also prefer this chicken cut for their inasal-style barbeque, as the tenderness of chicken fillet and the flavor provided by the chicken skin leaves happy faces to those eating it. As a rule, here at

Consistent Frozen Solutions only give you the best quality meat ingredients for your dishes. We pack our chicken leg fillet SO in a sack with food grade plastic inside. Each package weighs around 2 kilograms, depending on the brand. Our sources for this cut are all from local brands, to ensure that ‘native’ flavor for every dish you make. Visit our contact page and find out more on how to contact us to get your chicken leg fillet SO.

We deliver quality chicken meat fast, so you can use them for your dishes as soon as possible.

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