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Consistent Frozen Solutions is a whole sale supplier and distributor of high quality and premium ground beef in Manila, Philippines.

Avoid ground beef recalls and waste due to poor food safety due to low quality suppliers that results to higher business costs. Consistend Frozen Solutions as ground beef supplier in the Manila, Philippines, strictly abides with food safety performance for ground beefs.

We have 2 kinds of ground beefs available:

a. Lean ground beef – this is 10% fat

b. Regular ground beef – this is 30% fat

Ground beef is very popular for hamburgers, cottaage pie or sausages. This is also a main ingredient used for meatloaves, tacos and many more.

Our ground beefs are imported from abroad, usually from the US and you are ensured of the food safety measures for all our frozen meats. We also guarantee that we always have stocks in our storage.

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