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Consistent Frozen Solutions is a supplier of frozen pork belly skin on boneless in the Philippines. Valued for its taste and tenderness, pork belly (or liempo, locally) is one of the best cuts on a pig. Taken from the stomach portion of the pig, it has about 20% fat and skin and 80% meat.

A fatty and rich cut of meat, pork belly becomes melt-in-your-mouth tender after some time in the oven or over the coals. Paired with crisp greens, added to curries, or marinated and roasted until crispy, it’s as versatile as it is delicious. While some prefer the traditional slow-roast pork belly, some would try more adventurous recipes. Some of the local popular dishes using pork belly are inihaw na liempo, lechon kawali, adobo, sinigang, country-style barbecue, etc. Consistent Frozen Solutions supplies top quality skinless and boneless pork belly nationwide.

This meat is sourced mostly from France and other parts of Europe. Some of the brands we carry include Cooperl, Bernard, Bigard, Tetrow, Supergel and Danish Crown. This meat is packed and packaged fresh in carton boxes with its food grade plastic wrapping inside and weighing about 25 to 30 kilos, with each slab at about 5 to 6 kilos each. With proper storage and handling, frozen skinless and boneless pork belly can last up to two (2) years after the packing date.

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