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Consistent Frozen Solutions is a supplier of frozen pork jowls in the Philippines.

Pork jowls are cut from the hollow of the pig’s cheek, right underneath their eyes. It doesn’t differ much from pork belly in terms of fat-to-meat ratio, so much so that these two are usually interchanged or substituted for each other in dishes. Aside from price points (pork jowl is much cheaper than the bacon/belly cuts), the main difference is that pig cheek is a tough cut that is why it is usually cured or smoked when prepared. It also stores well for long periods of time. However, pork jowls contain high levels of nitrate and sodium. This is a health risk, particularly for those who have a history of heart disease.

Pork jowls are very pleasant to eat, since they are relatively lean yet very moist. This cut is very much like hock meat. It is the same kind of lean meat connected by lots of tissues and collagen. It is recommended that you take your time in cooking it, to achieve fork-tender flesh.  Jowls are usually good when braised any which way. Slow cooking is also a good, which would yield you yummy stews.

Consistent Frozen Solutions supplies top quality pork jowls nationwide. This meat is sourced both locally and internationally (most parts of Europe). Some of the brands we carry include Danish Crown, Cooperl, Quality, Dubreton, and Asta. This meat is packed and packaged fresh in carton boxes with its food grade plastic wrapping inside and weighing about 27 kilos. With proper storage and handling, frozen pork jowls can last up to two (2) years after the packing date. Kindly contact your account manager for stock availability.

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